Success Stories

My asthma has completely disappeared along with my back pain! Louisville Family Chiropractic has worked miracles. They really practice a family concept and make you feel right at home. Dr. Leah was able to show me that chiropractic care can truly change your body and your life!   

        - Christina Abney

I suffered from scoliosis, migraines, back pain and chest pain. I had countless hours of physical therapy, used muscle relaxers, and received epidural block treatments. I used to get two migraines a day, and now I never get one. No chest pain. No back pain. I can bend over and touch my toes with no pain. Chiropractic care has saved my life and my budget.

        - Lynzi White

I had a sore, stiff, immobile neck and pain under my right shoulder blade. I was unable to enjoy any running activity or exercise. Louisville Family Chiropractic has given me total return to normal mobility and posture. I'm now able to resume running five days per week, pain free. Normal calisthenics ans stretching can now be done.

        - Elmer Dahl

I have been been unable to participate in a lot of physical activity for over a year. Now I am able to walk my dogs in the park (which they missed) with no problem! Thanks for helping me bring more joy back into my life!!

        - Dana Medley

In a few months my headaches are less frequent, my neck and back pain are less severe, and my posture is improving. With better posture and alignment, I feel stronger and more energetic.

        - Jason Robinson

I used to have to take pain meds and muscle relaxers practically everyday. Now I take them about 1/4 as much. I have more days without pain than with it and that is a SUPER change.

        - Kim Eldridge

I used bite guards and muscle relaxers to treat my teeth grinding and serious pain in my neck and shoulders. I now have better posture, and I don't grind my teeth during sleep anymore! The gap that formed between my front teeth has grown back together! I have more mental clarity, better sinus function, and better self-esteem.

          - Lindsay Brown

I've had backaches and difficulty walking without pain for years. Physical therapy and epidurals provided only temporary relief. Treatments from Dr. Leah have given me nearly pain free walking, and incidents of acid reflux are lessened. I can go about daily activities with comfort.

         - Earlene Snead

I experienced frequent headaches and had poor posture. Prescription muscle relaxers did not resolve my problems. Since visiting Louisville Family Chiropractic my posture has improved and I have not had a headache since late December 2005.

         - Thomas Snead

No headaches! I have more energy and less anxiety. I used to have an ongoing cold. After four weeks of chiropractic care, my colds have ended. I am so happy that my family has found this practice!

        - Amanda Newman

With regular adjustments, specific exercises and counseling on spine and neck care, I am absolutely pain free and I can more my head and neck freely. No medications! I am also paying more attention to nutrition, and healthy, natural ways to feel my best.

        - Judy Bowman

Last Summer and so far this Summer I have only needed 3 allergy pills and a couple of nasal sprays- LOTS LESS than the previous 10 years, when I took Sudafed, Claritin, Zyrtec, Singular, Tavist D, and inhalers. My lower back feels good, too! Get the carpet out of your bedroom and get chiropractic care!

          - Greg Austin

I had poor posture, an unhealthy diet, insomnia, and allergies. Now I feel so much better (healthier). Through information given to me at Louisville Family Chiropractic I have increased fruits, veggies, healthy food, juice and vitamins, and exercise, giving me a high increase of energy. I am sleeping all night, and no more medicine!!

        - Teri Hehemann


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